When Bannerman’s customers aerate, seed, topdress, edge, groom or line their facilities, they do it with confidence. Performing sportsturf magic for more than 50 years, Bannerman’s has been helping sportsturf managers save time and money while maintaining safe and attractive facilities.

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August 23, 2017

BA-400 Super-Ject Aerator

May 15, 2017

B-BP-6 Ballpark 6 Groomer

B-BP-4 Ballpark 4 Groomer

B-DM-6 Diamond Master

BLT 14, BLT 15 and BGT 27 Thatchers

BTD-10 Sport Topper


Feb 2, 2017

New Extension Kit!

We have created a new 22" Extension Kit for the B-TLR Easy Load Truck Ramp. Designed to reduce the slope when loading equipment that has limited ground clearance, the Extension Kit prevents scrapes and makes loading even easier!

The Extension Kit can be left on continuously, used when necessary, and remain folded when not in use. Best of all, the kit can be added to your Bannerman Loading Ramp at any point.

Check it out on our YouTube channel!
Extension Kit in Action


Ramp extension

New Redesign - Truck Loading Ramp

Our Truck Loading Ramp has been redesigned! Mounting of the ramp is easier and requires no drilling of the truck bed. See the installation instructions for our new universal design.

The "Easy Load" Truck Loading Ramp is designed to make unloading and loading anything from the back of your truck bed safer and easier. Our ramp system replaces your original tailgate with a folding ramp. But, allows your truck's original tailgate and our ramp, to be easily swapped.



Bannerman YouTube Channel - "Bannerman Limited"

The new Bannerman YouTube channel is now online.  View videos of Bannerman equipment in action.  New videos are being uploaded weekly, so keep checking back for updates and new footage.


Updated Parts Page

The parts page is now updated for the most popular Bannerman equipment, so finding part numbers is easier than ever!  We welcome all inquiries and purchase orders by phone or fax, and for expedited orders please have your part numbers ready.